Individual Design

We create a wonderful space for you tailored to your personal needs, be it the desire for peace and refuge, or to make a lasting impression on your guests.

Planters from a specialist

Our portfolio includes a variety of the most modern materials and designs. Let us surprise you.

Floors and décor for the senses

Step by step towards a feeling of wellbeing, with our timeless, natural flooring materials.

Automatic Watering

Summer is on the way. Enjoy it carefree - with our reliable, quality watering systems.

Lighting Design

When night falls, transform your terrace into a subtle interplay of light and shadow - with one click of a button.

Flexible Shade

On hot summer days, relax under sunshades carefully selected to harmonise with the overall design concept.

Interior Horticultural Design,
Restaurant Terraces

We cover the whole range from private apartments to public areas and use innovative high-end design to create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere.

About Us

We are a team of passionate, nature-loving specialists. Our young company was founded by Wolfgang Feichtinger, who, after graduating in landscape architecture, completed years of training in renowned national and international landscape gardening companies - and brings his passion and design expertise to the company. Our specialisation in terrace design and interior horticultural design allows the dream of transforming urban spaces into oases of recovery, tranquility and regeneration to become reality.



Terrassa-Design e.U.
Inhaber und Geschäftsführer:
Dipl.Ing. Wolfgang Feichtinger

Firmensitz: Böcklinstrasse 112/11, 1020 Wien
tel.: +43 (0)664/263 00 01
mail: office@terrassa-design.com
web: www.terrassa-design.com

Firmenbuchnummer: 447075p
Firmenbuchgericht: Handelsgericht Wien
UID-Nr.: ATU70300818

Zuständige Aufsichtsbehörde:
Magistratisches Bezirksamt für den 2. Bezirk

Die Terrassa-Design e.U. ist Mitglied der Landesinnung Gärtner und Floristen der Wirtschaftskammer Wien

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